Lynn Hoff - Bridal Work

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Over the years I have worked on some really amazing weddings. Here are some images, some taken "behind the scenes" with my mobile phone and some sent to me by my brides, not all are professional photos.  A few of these images have also been featured in magazines as well as some over seas.

Please call or email me to enquire about my wedding rates and specials. I do my best to accommodate your every need for your special day. No bridal party is too big or too small, no destination too far.  My team and I will add something unique to your special day.  I work an experienced team of Hair dressers and Make-up artists.  In order to receive the full benifit of my services, it is advisable to book both make up and hair.  


Contact me for 2018 specials.  


Work Experience

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Lynn Hoff - Professional Work Experience


  • AC Bridal
  • Bona
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Ebony Magazine
  • Blush
  • Drum
  • Directions
  • De Kat
  • Elle
  • Enterprise Magazine
  • Essentials
  • Femina
  • FHM
  • Fairlady
  • GQ
  • Good Taste Magazine
  • Vroue Keur
  • Longevity
  • Living Africa
  • Living & Loving
  • Living Magazine
  • Marie-Claire
  • Maxim
  • Men's Health
  • Rooi Rose
  • Pace
  • Personality
  • Playboy
  • Real Simple
  • Sarie
  • Salt Water Girl
  • Sunday Times Magazine
  • Style Magazine
  • Tribute
  • True Love
  • You/Huisgenoot
  • Your Family
  • “Y” magazine
  • Weighless Magazine

Advertising Agencies

  • AM-C
  • The Agency
  • Berry Bush
  • BLGK
  • Bozell Wilsenach
  • Creative Zoo
  • Cross Colours
  • DDB SA Advertising
  • DWF Advertising
  • Etc Advertising
  • Hardy Boys
  • Hunt Lascarus TBWA
  • Hirt & Carter
  • In-Sight 4U
  • Joe Public
  • Jupiter Drawing Room
  • JWT
  • Lindsay Smithers
  • Lunar Advertising
  • Lobedu Leo Burnett
  • Mathews and Charter
  • Modern Museum
  • Mc Cann Erickson
  • Meyer & Associates
  • Morris Jones
  • Network Advertising
  • The old Shanghai
  • Ogilvy
  • Old Shanghai Fire Cracker- factory
  • Profit Partnership
  • Partnership Advertising
  • Red Nail
  • SBBW Advertising
  • SMLB
  • Saachi & Saachi
  • Tequila

Production Houses/Television

  • Axis Films
  • Adlib
  • Bill Jones
  • The Box Office
  • Capston Productions
  • Clear Water Productions
  • Peter Gird Productions
  • The Gatehouse
  • ET.V.
  • Thunderbird Films
  • Halcyon
  • Count Zero Productions
  • In-Concert-Entertainment
  • The Video Workshop
  • Fingerprint Filmakers
  • Kaelo
  • Moonlighting
  • Movie world
  • The Finishing Post
  • M-Net/Multichoice
  • Suburban films
  • Camera Culture
  • Pangaman
  • Picture Tree
  • Pulp Films
  • Plum Productions
  • Navigator
  • Quest Communications
  • Freshwater
  • James Joseph Prod.
  • Terraplane
  • SABC
  • Sasani Studios
  • Rapid Blue
  • Runway Productions
  • Safritel
  • Velocity
  • television commercials/production/features
  • Edgars Joshua Door MTN Tastic Rice
  • Live @ 5 Johnson & Johnson Toasty Show Sannex
  • Racing Stripes Bonny’s Best Buys Mountain Dew U’ Shaka
  • Pharma Natura Hopeful Mansions Geraas RV Insurance
  • It’s Your Choice Miss PSL Pagent Sunflower Mr. Price
  • My Beautiful Game Master Card Racing Stripes

Fashion Houses / Cosmetic Houses

  • City Girl
  • Diesel
  • Edgars
  • Estee Lauder
  • Fashion World
  • Globe Clothing
  • Nada Clothing
  • Jet Clothing
  • Jon Orrs
  • Jo Borkett
  • L'Oreal
  • Milady's
  • Mr. Price
  • Patrick Daniel
  • Smart centre
  • Stuttorfords
  • Saleshouse

About Me

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I began my career in 1994 and I still love what I do. My career has taken me all over South Africa and across borders to places such as Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia.  I am now based full time in Johannesburg. The desire to be a make-up artist started for me at a very young age. I remember taking all my dolls and transforming them into divas...even the boys! Little did I know this would be my career.
I began reading all the fashion magazines from a very young age —absorbing the tricks of the trade and the do's and don'ts of wearing makeup day-to-day.  Later, I would realize that bringing out the best in people by emphasizing their natural beauty was not only rewarding for me, but has a powerful effect on how people feel about themselves.
I love art in general, and making up faces has been a great way for me to utilize my creativity. Color theory is very important when it comes to makeup, as well as knowing how to play with the balance of light and shadow, highlights and contours etc. It's all applicable to the face & every client that I work on provides me with a new "canvas."

One of the greatest rewards as a makeup artist has been witnessing the impact that I have had on many of my clients, and the repeat customer loyalty that has developed with them as a result. To date, word of mouth referrals have been my greatest advertisement. That is always very exciting. It validates that the customer was happy with the work that I did for them. It also shows that they trust me to take care of the person they are referring as well.
The most rewarding aspect of my career has been the fact that I've helped to build the confidence of so many women I have worked with. It's unfortunate that a lot of women, including me, have insecurities about something relating to their appearance, or sometimes feel uncomfortable in their own skin. While I am a huge advocate of finding your inner beauty, first and foremost, I absolutely love playing up the outer beauty as well. There is a definite transformation that takes place during the make-up process, and it's not just a physical transformation. There have been numerous occasions where I have worked on someone who is really self conscious about their skin, due to uneven skin tone, blemishes, etc. Upon completion of the makeup, I'll direct them to a mirror so that they can see the finished product. This same person, who was once shy and self conscious, is now beaming with confidence and happy tears because of the way they look! It's so fulfilling to be able to help boost someone's confidence & make them feel as beautiful as everyone perceives them to be!

A Few Things I Want You To Know...

It is very important to me that you feel comfortable working with me, especially at such close proximity. I don't ever want you  to feel as though you can't ask questions, or suggest a change in the makeup I've done (i.e., darkening the eyeshadow, lightening the lipstick). I'm certainly not a diva, and I welcome all input. I do everything I can to ensure that my clients are happy with not only the end result, but their entire experience. My work is something I take great pride in and am a self-proclaimed perfectionist. Therefore, I can say with confidence that my work is satisfaction guaranteed!

Safe, Sanitory and Professional...

All of my brushes are cleaned after each job and treated with alcohol before they dry. This prevents any type of bacteria buildup or cross contamination between clients. When working on multiple clients (fashion shows, events and bridal parties, etc.) I sanitize my  brushes between each makeup application, before I begin on the next person.
I use only the highest quality, professional grade makeup in my kit & stand by each of the products that have been selected for use on my clients. I promise not to use anything on their face that I wouldn't trust to use on my own! I've been very particular when deciding what to use & have done my research on the products & their performance. I primarily use MAC cosmetics, but my kit also includes several other professional and top end products such as Make-up forever, Trish Mc Avoy, Bobbi Brown, to mention a few.  All of these lines stand the test of time, when it comes to flawless makeup that not only looks beautiful to the eye, lasts much longer, but also photographs beautifully!


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The Widgetkit Map provides a simple solution for adding a map to your website. Various features let you customize the map like changing colors and adding markers or directions.


  • Location selection with auto geocoding
  • Support for multiple map markers with text popups
  • Option to get the direction to the active marker
  • Support for custom map styles and colors
  • Uses the latest Google Maps API
  • Built with HTML5, CSS3, PHP 5.2+, and the latest jQuery version
  • Works with Joomla and WordPress

Direction Example

This map features all map controls, multiple markers and you can get the direction.

Color Scheme Example

Set or invert the hue, saturation, lightness and gamma of a map.

Minimal Example

This map has a fixed width, no controls and no markers.

How To Use

With the Widgetkit Map you can quickly create and manage simple maps with features like multiple markers, text popups and custom color schemes. Once you have created a map you can load it anywhere on your website using shortcodes or the universal Widgetkit Joomla module or WordPress widget.